Our History

Fayum Gas Company is S.A.E, formed in 2001 in Egypt, under a concession agreement with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), for construction, operation and maintenance of Natural Gas Transmission, Networking and Distribution to Domestic, Commercial and Industrial customers at Fayum Governorate. The Concession Agreement extends for 20 years, after which period, the facilities is handed over to EGPC.

The company owners:
The NatEnergy company 73% 
GAIL 19%
EK Holding 05%
Others 03%

The Company has one head office at Fayum. The LP network, customers’ connections & conversions are being done by a local contractor (House Gas), under the supervision of the Company’s Technical department.

The LP network is partially completed and first connection to domestic customer was achieved in June 2002.

Operation, maintenance and emergency response services for the handed over parts of the network is under the responsibility of the Operations department.

Sales, Contracting, Customer Service and Billing are provided by the Operation & Technical department Collection services are provided by the Finance department.