Code of Practice

Fayum Gas Company Code of Practice for Gas Customers 

Fayum Gas company Code of Practice sets out when and how you might expect to be contacted by us and how you can get in touch with us to enquire or complain about any service we provide.
It also details the steps Fayum Gas company takes to make sure that only properly trained, Fayum Gas Company staff or contractors make visits to your home and the special services available for customers 
  • How you can contact Fayum Gas Company (Gas Distribution)
  • Our gas distribution role
  • About our customers
  • Dealing with gas emergencies
  • Road works
When and how we might contact you
  • Entering your home
  • Priority service register
  • Passwords
  • Keeping appointments
Customer satisfaction and complaints
  • How to contact us if you have a complaint
  • What we will do
  • Standards of service