Gas is unique among fuels, it is invisible. It usually has no smell when produced. It cannot be seen or touched. Yet it is the world's most dependable fuel.  

Fayum Gas Company is committed to piping gas in the most safe and efficient way to homes and businesses.
What we do every day matters. Safety and reliability are at the core of our business, as we work to connect people to the energy they use. 
We are the backbone of the Fayum GovernorateGas industry, supporting the networks, and enabling Gas to flow into homes, offices, schools and hospitals.
This is important to our employees and we're passionate about it. But having passion for something isn't always enough. 
To continue being successful, we know that we need to operate differently. The world around us is changing, so we want to be part of that change and to help drive it.
Everyone in Fayum Gas Company, from our account managers to our planners and field engineers, is working together to make sure that when you do business with us, you experience a flexible, 21st century utility that's in tune with your business needs.
To spell out exactly what you can expect from us we've created a customer commitment for our Fayum Gas Company Transmission business – and you can hold us accountable for delivering it.
We hope that you are already starting to experience the focus that we are putting on our customer service. And we'll keep checking to make sure that we continue to do what you need us to.