Phase (I) Project

In 2000, Fayum Gas Company signed the concession agreement of phase (I) with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) to finance, study, design, supply, construct, operate, and maintain a natural gas distribution network for the domestic, commercial, industrial, and electric power stations in Fayum Governorate.

The scope of work for phase (I) included the following: 

  • Constructing the high-pressure transmission steel pipeline; 70 bar, ranging from 16" to 12 inch in diameter; stretching along a total length of 72 kilometers from the off-take at Dahshour to the industrial zone in Kom-Oshim and Fayum’s suburban area.
  • Constructing two Pressure Reduction, Metering, Odorizing stations (PRMOS); one in Kom-Oshim for industrial customers (70/7 bar; capacity 70,000 m3/hr) and the other at the borders of Fayum for domestic and commercial customers (70/4 bar; capacity 35,000 m3/hr).
  • Building the low pressure (LP) network feeding 25,000 domestic customers as well as commercial customers with natural gas.
  • Constructing the internal and external installations for 25,000 domestic customers and the other commercial customers.
  • Constructing all the required pipelines, pressure reduction stations, and internal networks for the industrial customers located in the industrial zone at Kom-Oshim.

In December 2003, Fayum Gas Company successfully completed phase (I) – four months ahead of the delivery date agreed upon with EGPC.