Phase (II) Project

Phase II of the Fayum distribution network was planned to supply 40,000 domestic and commercial customers with natural gas. FGC signed the concession agreement with Egypt Gas (E-GAS) in May 2005. As in Phase I, FGC was responsible for the finance, study, design, supply, construction, operation, and maintenance of the distribution network in the area allocated for phase II,

The scope of work for phase (II) included the following: 

  • Building the low pressure (LP) network to feed 40,000 domestic customers and commercial customers with natural gas.
  • Providing the Internal and External installations for 40,000 domestic and commercial customers.
  • Supplying and installing four metering skids to measure the whole gas consumption of phase (II).

Phase II of the project saw its completion in September 2010. In addition to delivering all required jobs, FGC also connected 15,000 more customers to end the phase, bringing the total number of connected domestic customers to 55,000.