Phase (III) Project

In September 2010, Fayum Gas Company signed the new concession agreement of phase (III) with Egypt Gas (E-GAS) to finance, study, design, supply, construct, operate, and maintain the distribution network feeding natural gas to 30,000 households, 101 commercial clients, 18 brick factories, and two Compressed Natural Gas stations (CNG) in the cities of “Tamia” and “Sinurus”. In November of 2011 the concession was updated further to include expansion in the network construction to reach the city of “Ibshway” which comprised of another 20,000 households as well as 90 commercial customers and three brick factories.

The scope of work of phase (I) included the following: 

  • Constructing one Pressure Reduction, Metering, Odorizing stations, (PRMOS) at the borders of “Tamia” (70/7 bar; capacity 20,000 m3/hr) to supply gas to domestic and commercial customers, brick factories, as well as CNG stations in the cities of Tamia, Sinurus and Ibshway.
  • Constructing a high density polyethylene pipeline, 7 bar; varying from 315 mm to 250 mm in diameter, with a total length of about 38 kilometres extending from the PRMOS to Tamia, Sinurus and Ibshway and straight to the brick factories and CNG stations.
  • Building the low pressure (LP) network to feed 50,000 domestic customers and commercial customers with natural gas in Tamia, Sinurus and Ibshway cities.
  • Constructing the Internal and External installations for the abovementioned 50,000 customers located in the three cities in question.
  • Constructing all the required pipelines, pressure reduction stations, and internal networks for the brick factories.

The implementation of phase (III) started January 2012, with date for completion being December 2015.